I have been singing my entire life, singing professionally for a good portion of it and have been teaching and operating Vivid Voice Studio since 2000 as well as teaching at The Canadian College of Performing Arts since 2012. Through the years my private studio has evolved in its focus; today I primarily work with older teens and adults singing CCM styles (MT, Jazz, Pop, Blues, Country etc) but I still love teaching and performing classical as well. I love helping students of any age prepare for auditions. My students range from amateur to professional singers and music teachers who would like to improve their vocal skills for so many varied reasons. I love to work with older students who have always wanted to sing out but have never had the opportunity or have just been a little scared to give it a go. I love to work with teens who are on a performance track. I love to work with transgender students; I taught my first trans student in 2004. This field of voice study is finally coming into its own and the resources for trans students have increased dramatically over the past decade. I love to help all singers, recreational to pro, make sure they are using their voices in a healthy way which begins with an understanding of vocal function; every singer should have basic knowledge of the physiology and anatomy of their instrument. The advances in voice science over the past few decades has been dramatic....it's a very exciting frontier! I also offer workshops and masterclasses from time to time....so much learning happens from listening to and watching each other.


Here’s the link to my ONLINE BOOKING page. Please don’t hesitate to contact me before booking if you have any questions at all. I would love to have a chat if you have not had a lesson with me before.

Here is my studio FACEBOOK PAGE, please like it! There is lots of good stuff in my newsletter; you can sign up for it on my contact page. I send out my upcoming performance and public teaching events once a month or less, no spam promise!

If you’re headed in the direction of a professional performing arts career, look no further than CCPA, a college with an exceptional and dynamic program. Thanks for reading and I hope to hear you soon :)